Youth and Young Adult Opportunities Mini Grants

Planting Seeds of Change Mini Grants

youth - plant change - round logoThe Youth Opportunities Mini-Grant program, formally known as the Youth Violence Prevention Mini-Grants, was established in 2012. The grants are purposed to fund grassroots, community-based organizations; and neighborhood groups aiming to create positive activities, services, and programs in the areas of Awareness, Prevention, Intervention, and Re-entry for Hampton Youth and Young Adults ages 14-24.

Awareness Grants

Awareness programs are generally events, seminars, summits, symposiums, or short courses — designed to create awareness of the impacts of youth and young adult violence, trauma, and adverse childhood experiences to influence positive change.

Prevention, Intervention and Re-Entry Grants 

Program interactions should be of sufficient intensity and duration to bring about measurable changes in skills, attitudes, or behaviors of participants who often reside in high-risk areas or include risk factors for youth violence.


Prevention programs are sustainably structured interactions designed to engage youth and young adults in elevated risk populations in recurring instructional, experiential, social, or transformative activities to build supportive relationships and social skills outside of school hours. 


Re-entry programs address one or more known challenges to successful reentry: housing, transportation, employment, family reunification, mental health support, literacy, substance abuse, and trauma. Successful re-entry programs often involve participant engagement for multiple hours per week for several months in small groups or individual case management and help individuals build skills and strategies to overcome barriers stemming from stigmatized history and personal challenges.


Intervention programs involve diverted youth and young adult participants in social-emotional skill-building courses addressing self-awareness and efficacy, empathy, conflict resolution, and esteem to help understand implied risks of current violent behavior and develop strategies to make positive life changes. Formats and activities vary from artistic expression to leadership development and include but are not limited to a therapeutic approach.

Eligible Applicants

The Grant process is open to nonprofit organizations with a designated tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code, registered neighborhood-serving or community-based organizations. Projects and organizations must be nonsectarian in nature. This solicitation is not open to local governmental agencies, schools, or fee-for-service-based businesses. 


A maximum of $10,000 in grant funds may be awarded to an organization per grant cycle for Prevention, Intervention and Re-Entry Grants. The maximum award amount for Awareness Grants is $2,000 per cycle.

Reporting Requirements

Applicants who are awarded grant funds must comply with reporting expectations to include financial reports, progress reports, and a project completion report.

Online Grant Application Forms

For a print application, contact Charone Dew at

Planting Change Mini Grant Documents