FY16 I Value Campaign

The budget for fiscal year 2016 is the sixth budget prepared by Mary Bunting since she became city manager. In a sign that bodes well for Hampton, she looked to maintain current services this year and reinvest in the community without the need for a tax increase.

In past years, citizen input focused broadly on general tax fund policies and service levels. This year, thanks to past belt-tightening and some revenue growth, budget input sessions have focused on the city’s solid waste and stormwater funds. After listening closely to residents, the manager recommended adjusting both solid waste and stormwater user fees. She also recommended increasing the cigarette tax and instituting a boat license fee.

The $450,428,275 budget proposed for 2016 is a 0.38% decrease from the FY 2015 spending plan. Most of the decrease is due to a $4.3 million decline in total transfers from other funds. And while the city is using less money from other sources, revenue from recurring sources has increased by nearly $3.6 million, or 1.14%.