Note to beekeepers

The Environmental Services Division strives to maintain a strong, environmentally-sound program that focuses on the ecology, while controlling Hampton's mosquito population and reducing diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and other living organisms.

We are helped to achieve a "bee friendly" mosquito control program by reducing pesticide quantities and application frequencies, using pesticides with lower toxicity, informing beekeepers when pesticides are going to be used, and creating and updating maps that show pesticide applicators where hives are located. Two key "eco-friendly" strategies help us achieve our goal:

  • Conducting public outreach and education
  • Strengthening Hampton's natural bio-rational diversity, which improves the effectiveness of juvenile and adult mosquito predation.

To help us in our outreach efforts, we ask that local beekeepers contact the 311 Call Center (727-8311 from your cell phone or from outside the city) and give us emergency contact information and general hive locations. This information is critical when pesticides are being applied in a neighborhood because it helps us avoid direct and indirect contact between hives and drifting pesticide.

Fill out the form and tell us where your hives are located.

The Environmental Services biologist or manager will personally contact each apiarist. Our goal is to create trust and a a strong working rapport with local beekeepers. This helps create a safe environment for everyone.

Thank you

Environmental Services

Local beekeeper associations: