Hampton Arts & Cultural District

The district was created to encourage arts-based businesses and cultural institutions to locate in the district. Designation of the district is designed to strengthen the existing arts and cultural assets in the downtown Hampton and Phoebus areas in a connected way that creates synergy and additional foot traffic.

Additional resources

Learn more about the arts businesses and cultural assets already located in the district or available locations from the Downtown Hampton Development Partnership and the Partnership for a New Phoebus.

Business Incentives

These incentives are available to approved businesses over a five-year period:

Waiver of permit fees

  • Building
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Sign
  • Use permit
  • Rezoning

Downtown/Phoebus Retail Incentive Grant

  • Reduced project threshold
  • Eligible for larger award

Waiver of User Fees

(Special Event Application Process) 

  • Special event permit
  • Staff fee
  • Park/venue rental

Steps to Qualify

  1. Review the Arts & Cultural District qualification criteria to see if your business qualifies (Appendix A).
  2. Select a location for your business in the city's Arts & Cultural District (Appendix B).
  3. Complete a District Business Qualification Application (Appendix C).
  4. Administrator will review and certify the business or institution.
  5. If certified, your business or institution qualifies for the following benefits as outlined above and in Appendix D.

Incentive Term

Waiver of Permit and Special Events Fees

Once approved as a qualified business or institution, fees — as outlined in Appendix D (PDF) — can be waived. Qualified Arts & Cultural Businesses are eligible to receive no more than $10,000 in fees within the 5-year incentive period.

Terms and Conditions

Qualified Arts & Cultural Businesses that fail to pay in full any tax imposed by the city of Hampton by the due date shall lose its certification for the year of such tax and its entitlement to any incentives afforded under this article during such period.

Qualified Arts & Cultural Businesses receiving incentives under this article that fail to, at all times, comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations in the case of a first offense lose its Qualified Arts & Cultural Business certification for the remainder of the current fiscal year and in the case of any subsequent failure shall lose its Qualified Arts & Cultural Business certification for the duration of the total remaining 5-year incentive term.