Public hearings

Public hearings are held to allow members of the public to comment before certain City Council votes, including land-use items. Here are the most recent legal notices of City Council public hearings.

Those wishing to speak should sign up in the lobby of City Hall during the half hour prior to the start of the meeting. (For regular meetings, 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.)

Each speaker may have up to 3 minutes to speak. (To help you allocate your time, a yellow light appears at 2 minutes, and a red light indicates the time is up.) The representative from an official organization may have up to 5 minutes.

The applicant may have up to 10 minutes and request rebuttal time.

Speakers will be directed to leave the podium for failure to comply with this protocol after fair warning from the presiding officer. The presiding officer (mayor or vice mayor) will determine when a speaker is out of order.

You can read the full protocol (PDF) here.