Power of Attorney

All appeal applications and forms submitted to the Office of the Assessor of Real Estate must be signed by the owner of record.

When the owner of record desires to authorize one or more representatives to act on their behalf, the owner of record must submit a Power of Attorney.

When ownership of property is titled in the name of a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or the like ("Entity"), the Office of the Assessor of Real Estate may request the owner of record to provide supporting documentation verifying the authorized representative has the authority to act on behalf of the Entity.

Corporate officers, authorized employees and members must also complete an Application to permit authorized representatives to act on their behalf.

Providing completed applications and documentation of officers, partners, members and employees is important to establish that the Office of the Assessor Real Estate is communicating with the actual owner of record or its authorized agent, particularly with respect to commercial properties involving confidential income and expense information.

Power of Attorney Forms are available on the Applications & Forms section of the website.