Panama.jpgPresident: Audomelia "Aura" Robinson

Organization: Panamenian Folklore Group of Hampton Roads

Contact Number: 757-886-9059

About Us

The Panamanian Folkloric Group of Hampton Roads is a non-profit organization, conducting cultural programs. Since its creation in 1993, it has become an artistic display of the most authentic folkloric dances of Panama, characterized by the joy, cadence, rhythm and beat.

We have consistently surpassed audience expectations with our display of colorful Panamanian authentic attire, enthusiastic dancers, exciting music, and a contagious atmosphere that stimulates a desire to learn more about Panama, its culture and its people.

We had performed and/or participated in:

  • Inaugural Parade of Governor Tim Kaine in Colonial Williamsburg
  • 2004 televised Cox Cable Christmas Program of the Christopher Newport University
  • Local community and national parades such as the International Parade of Virginia Beach, military functions in Fort Eustis, Fort Monroe, among others
  • Local cultural activities at schools in Norfolk and Porstmouth
  • Cultural festivals such as The Annual Norfolk Latino Music Festival, Cultural festivals such as The Annual Norfolk Latino Music Festival, 2004 Carnival Jump Up, Virginia International Caribbean Carnival
  • Multicultural festivals such as 2006 Multicultural Fair at Princess Anne Community Center
  • Cultural activities for federal agencies and private corporations
  • Social events as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, among others

Throughout our performances, we have strengthened the folkloric and cultural presence of Panama, primarily, but not exclusively in the Greater Peninsula and Hampton Roads areas.


The Panamanian Folkloric Group of Hampton Roads, integrated by resident Panamanians in Virginia, began in Newport News, Virginia in September 1993, under the direction of Ms. Audomelia Robinson, a native of the province of Darien in Panama. In the beginning, it was not far from easy. Thanks to her love and passion for the Panamanian folklore, Mrs. Robinson was managed to gather a group integrated by Panamanians, Colombians, Guatemalans and Puerto Ricans and to start the folkloric group with four pairs.

Time has passed and we have gained prestige and recognition. Our experience has allowed us to increase our membership as follows: Performers:

  • Xiomara Bolton
  • Jenny Banks
  • Ricardo Santamaria
  • James Charity
  • Tania Davis
  • Ashley Robinson
  • Daphne Robinson
  • Stephanie Varcasia
  • Ashley Varcasia


We spread and promote the Panamanian culture through its folkloric, artistic and musical manifestations. Besides to spread the Panamanian culture through its regional dances, the group acts the important social role to gather the Panamanians who are far away from their motherland, but are identified with the Panamanian culture.

Through the regional dances of Panama, the group displays some of the most authentic folkloric manifestations of Panama, characterized by the joy, cadence, rhythm and beat of these artistic expressions.

Where Do We Rehearse?

On weekends, members of the Panamanian Folklore in Hampton Roads gather together to rehearse or just enjoy lunch and conversation.

The organization is open to those of all cultural backgrounds, providing interested parties the opportunity to explore and experience the rich culture of Panama through dance.

Our rehearsals are scheduled on Saturdays at:
Northampton Recreation Center
1435 Todds Lane # A
Hampton, VA 23666
Phone: 757.825.4805

Join us in promoting the rich and cultural traditions Panama has to offer.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you have a talent and would like to become part of this wonderful folkloric dance group, we have a place for you! Everyone at the Panamanian Folkloric Group of Hampton Roads -- dancers, coordinators, fundraisers, even the Director -- are volunteers so that every dollar given goes directly into bringing high-quality Panamanian folklore and culture to our local community.

Please contact us at email the Panamenian Folklore Group of Hampton Roads and let us know what you have fun doing -- no talent too big or small!