Shared Leadership

Shared leadership is participation in roles of shared authority with adults. They serve as voting members on city boards and committees where they help to create policy.

Hampton Youth Commission

The Hampton Youth Commission (HYC) was established by City Council in 1997. This body consists of 20 plus young people representing all public and private high schools in the area, as well as home-schooled youth. As the "governance" piece of Youth Civic Engagement, the Youth Commission is a key ingredient to the success of the city's youth initiative because it links the other components and makes their focus on empowerment a reality to young people in our community. The primary roles of the Youth Commission are:

  • Identify ways to improve Hampton for its youth and promote solutions to youth-identified issues;
  • Champion a youth component to the City's official planning process;
  • Make recommendations to City Council, Planning Commissions, Neighborhood Commission, and other advisory boards on implementation of the Youth Component of the Community Plan; and
  • Receive proposal and appropriate funds for youth-related activities that are generated by youth for youth

Visit  Hampton Youth Commission website for more information or to apply to become a member of HYC.

In addition to the Hampton Youth Commission, there are also youth representatives on the Hampton City Schools Board. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Hampton City Schools.