Business Personal Property Tax

Hampton levies a tax on all tangible personal property used in a trade or business (furniture, fixtures, equipment, machinery and tools). A detailed depreciation schedule, including all fully depreciated items or a list of fixed assets itemizing all property in use January 1 must be submitted. All returns must be filed annually, no later than March 1. A business may be liable for business personal property tax, machinery and tools tax, or both. Business Personal Property and Machinery and tools are assessed based on 35% of total original cost. Proration does not apply to either tax. For more information, contact: 

Commissioner of the Revenue
P. O. Box 636
Hampton, VA 23669

All personal property tax is billed semi-annually and is due June 5 and December 5.

Click here to file your Business Personal Property Return online.

Download the Business Personal Property Form (PDF) or review Hampton’s tax rates..

If you have any questions regarding this information, please Business Personal Property or call the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue at (757) 727-6182.