About Us

Mission & Responsibilities

Our mission is to provide a single source for information, guidance and support for land development. We support, promote and facilitate creative solutions and processes for development customers in the City of Hampton. Through effective communication, administration, and our streamlined procedures, we implement the strategic goals of Hampton's Community Plan and ensure benefits to developers and the City of Hampton.


The Development Services Center is the result of the 1998 Strategic Plan Customer Delight Focus Group. As a consequence, a 5-year re-engineering and implementation plan was initiated to speed up land development services and improve the quality of services. The direct benefit of improved services can be translated into a cost savings, not only for the customer but also for the city. The Development Services Center Team is comprised of persons knowledgeable in zoning and inspections, site plan and subdivision plan review processing, environmental regulations, signage, building codes, permitting and property information. Our objective is to process development proposals and/or plans promptly and thoroughly in accordance with city codes and the city's strategic objectives.