Funding for Neighborhoods

Community Connections Grant

The Hampton Neighborhood Commission Community Connections Grant stimulates grassroots community efforts and encourages groups to come together to make Hampton's neighborhoods better places to live, work, and play. The goals of the grant program are to improve communication and partnerships within the community, involve new members in community activities, and enhance the quality of life of Hampton's neighborhoods. The maximum grant amount is $2,000 per project.

Hampton neighborhood organizations and neighborhood-serving organizations with a tax identification number (EIN Number) are eligible to apply. If you don't have an EIN, it is very easy to obtain one, please visit the IRS website and follow the instructions. If you have any issues obtaining one, please contact us.

Eligible projects may include, but not limited to: 

  • Projects that increase the feeling of safety in the neighborhood such as fire safety education, disaster preparedness programs, and neighborhood watch outreach, etc.
  • Projects that improve the workings of existing neighborhood organizations such as board training and development, membership recruitment, and outreach tools (brochures, newsletters, resident directories).
  • Projects may include inter-generational tutoring programs, senior citizen educational programs, neighborhood music or arts events and some outdoor or recreational activities.

Once the project is complete the grant recipient must complete a close-out report form 30 after project is complete and this report must be submitted it before reapplying for any additional funding. Also it is strongly recommended you review the Neighborhood Development Fund Policy available on our website or you may contact our office directly (See contact information below).

Intent to Apply Form 

This form is to be completed and submitted by the applicant organization 30 days prior to the submission of the neighborhood grant application. It will be given to staff for review and to later consult with the applicant about their event/project. The purpose of consultation is to assist the applicant in understanding what their organization must do to complete their event/ project. It will also be used to inform Neighborhood Commissioners of possible event/projects that may take place in their districts.

Application Submission

Be sure to submit at least 90 days prior to your project, or you may not receive funding in time. Applications are accepted from Oct to May although activities may occur throughout the year.

You May Submit Your Application by Mail, Fax, Email, or in Person to:

City of Hampton Neighborhood Commission
C/O Darren Robinson
Neighborhood Development Associate
Housing and Neighborhood Division
Community Development Department
757 727-6441 (O) 757 727-6140 (M)

Other Neighborhood Grants

  • The Places and Spaces Grant offers funding for projects that involve physical improvements to public property. Read the grant policies (PDF) and download an application (PDF). See what projects have received money.
  • The Neighborhood Development Fund offers funds for short-term collaborative projects that are social in nature. Read the policy (PDF)

Additional Information

The Neighborhood Commission also offers the Places and Spaces Grant for physical improvements to public property, such as:

  • Neighborhood Entryway Improvements
  • Safety and Prevention
  • Community Enhancements
  • Recreational, Educational & Cultural Initiatives
  • Beautification, Minor Neighborhood Improvement

The Neighborhood Commission is currently working on changing the Places and Spaces Grant application and policy. Please contact the Housing and Neighborhood Services Division for more information by calling (757) 727-6140 or send an email to Darren Robinson.