Placement Services

Hampton and the region has a number of qualified individuals that are well educated, trained and thoroughly prepared to meet business and industry’s employment needs. Please note that the City of Hampton is not endorsing or promoting any service by its inclusion or omission. If there are any errors or omissions, please call us at (757) 727-6237.

Military Outplacement

This program is designed to provide employers with easy access to highly trained and dependable vets and their spouses that have proven they know how to get the job done. DORS will make the match for employers based on experience, education and skills desired by the employer. Resumes can be faxed up to 25 in a day or up to 100 expressly mailed to the company by the next business day. All it takes is a phone call to find the right vet for your job.

Department of Defense - Defense Outplacement and Referral System (DORS): 1 (800) 727-3677
Air Force (Langley): (757) 764-0643
Army (Fort Eustis): (757) 878-2905
Navy (Norfolk): (757) 322-9101

Hiring Workers with Disabilities

People with disabilities represent the largest single block of untapped labor resources in our country.

Department of Rehabilitative Services

The Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) offers valuable services at no cost to help meet the specific labor needs of business. These services fall into five categories:

Workforce Recruitment & Screening
DRS counselors will have a number of people who have completed necessary training and preparation and are in the process of seeking a position. DRS staff is able to meet with businesses to determine their specific hiring needs and will refer qualified candidates for their consideration.

Employment Training
DRS staff works with businesses in their efforts to develop a trained and highly skilled workforce. This includes on-site job training, financial reimbursement for employer provided training, and sponsorship of technical and trade related programs for job candidates.

Accommodating Employees
Most people with disabilities require no accommodation at all to perform their job. The accommodations that are necessary are usually low-tech, inexpensive, and are common sense type of adjustments.

DRS provides employers with services that help them understand the situation and helps educate employers on a number of programs such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, Disability Awareness/Sensitivity Training, Informational Programs on Specific Disabilities, Accessibility in the Workplace.

Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services
303 Butler Farm Road, Suite 105
Hampton, VA 23666
(757) 865-4863

Additional Resources
In addition to on-the-job training funds provided by DRS, the IRS offers two disability-related provisions including the Disabilities Access Tax Credit and the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Credit.

VersAbility Resources

VersAbility Resources serves individuals with disabilities from throughout Hampton Roads and the ten counties on the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck. The Arc provides solutions to meet business needs, including:
  • Computer Recycling
  • Imaging Services
  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Mailroom Services
  • Switchboard Services
  • Mailings
  • And much more!