Do I Qualify?


  • U.S. Citizenship (Police only)
  • At least 21 years of age (Police only)
  • At least 18 years of age (Non Police positions)
  • High School graduate or possess a GED
  • Ability to possess a valid Virginia Driver's License
  • Must be of good moral character with no felony, domestic violence convictions, or convictions involving "moral turpitude"
  • Credit report, driving record, criminal history, and drug use will be assessed
  • Must successfully pass each stage of the selection process


The following is a list of disqualifiers to be used as a guideline for consideration of applicants for entry level Police and civilian positions during the selection process within the Hampton Police Division. Applicants shall be rejected for employment due to any of the following conditions:

  • Any use of marijuana and/or hashish within the past 12 months, after submitting most recent application for the position
  • Applicants driving record is determined unacceptable, if worse than "-2" Drivers Point Balance (Virginia or equivalent), reckless driving conviction within five years of application, DUI conviction within ten years, or if moving violations are viewed incompatible with Division standards, i.e., numerous speeding or improper driving convictions
  • Conviction of any "misdemeanor of domestic violence" as defined by the Federal Gun Control Act
  • Conviction of any felony
  • Conviction or participation in any offense involving crimes of moral turpitude (i.e., larceny, embezzlement, perjury, etc.) or assault
  • Any military discharge other than Honorable, or General under Honorable conditions will not be accepted or considered
  • Unfavorable military service record, i.e., Article 15's, AWOL's (absences without leave) or offenses involving moral turpitude that resulted in either: court martial, nonjudicial punishment (NJP), reduction of pay, reduction of rank or restriction in movement
  • Employment background indicates that the applicant's previous work performance or conduct is unacceptable.
  • Failure to successfully pass:
  • A city paid physical / medical examination
  • A city paid psychological fitness examination and interview
  • The requirements for the physical ability test
  • Substantiated use, illegal possession of, or any illegal act involving any narcotic, controlled substance or any dangerous drug as defined by Federal and/or State law
  • Substantiated, intentional omission or misrepresentation of information on any application or employment form to include deception discovered during any phase of the selection process, i.e., personal interview, polygraph test, etc.