About Us

Mission Statement

The Community Development Department promotes the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens, neighborhoods, and districts through orderly land use and development as well as the preservation of our historic and natural resources in an efficient and effective manner that contributes towards making Hampton the most livable city in Virginia.

History of the Department

The Community Development Department was formed in July of 2010, and it has existed in its current configuration since July of 2012. The Department is comprised of six divisions: the Development Services Center, Housing & Neighborhood Services, Construction Inspections, Planning & Zoning Administration, Property Maintenance & Zoning Enforcement, and Support Services.

  • 2003 - Central Permits Office became Land Development Services
  • 2007 - Planning Department and Housing & Neighborhood Services Office merged
  • July 2010 - Planning & Neighborhoods, Codes Compliance [New Construction, Property Maintenance, Zoning Administration, Land Development Services merged to form the Community Development Department
  • July 2012 - Land Development Services was reorganized to create the Development Services Center in an effort to better serve the development community