Board of Review of Real Estate Assessments

The Board hears concerns about property assessments and may increase, decrease or affirm the assessment of which a concern is made. Bylaws (PDF).


There are five members who serve up to two four-year terms. Compensation consists of $100 per meeting and $125 for the Chairperson per meeting. All members shall own an interest in real property. At least 30% of the members shall be real estate professionals.

Annually, must have a day of continuing education including a course of instruction by Department of Taxation (Section 58.1-3374 requires that to be eligible to serve each prospective Board member must attend and participate in the basic course of instruction given by the Dept. of Taxation under Section 58.1-206).


Meetings are held at the Ruppert Sargent Building, Veterans Conference Room, 1st Floor,1 Franklin Street, Hampton, VA, during the months of May and June.


Most recent agendas/minutes.
Minutes are also available of earlier meetings.


Apply to be on the Board of Review of Real Estate Assessments.