Youth Access

Online Access by Youths

Internet websites may contain inaccurate or controversial content. Individual sites may also contain content considered by parents to be inappropriate or even harmful for their children. Sites containing materials deemed harmful to minors / juveniles, under applicable law, shall remain blocked to youth access within the limitations of library software.

Issues to Address

Parents should address the issues of their children's safety and security when using email, chat rooms and other forms of direct electronic communications. They should especially caution their children against the disclosure of personal information over the internet.


While the library does use software which attempts to focus internet use on sites more appropriate to our educational mission, and charges employees to provide casual monitoring of patrons' internet use, parents must assume ultimate responsibility for their children's use of the internet.

Who Can Access the Internet

The library offers internet access to all card-holding members, including children. Minors (children under the age of 18) must have written parental permission to obtain a library membership card. Parents are urged to take an active role in their children's exploration of the internet and to seek staff assistance in the effective use of the internet and other library resources.

For More Information

You can obtain more information by calling the library at (757) 727-1154.