Patrol Districts

District Map

LaSalle Avenue divides the City of Hampton into two uniform patrol sectors. The area on the west side of LaSalle Avenue is referred to as the Wythe Sector, the area east of LaSalle Avenue is referred to as the Chesapeake Sector.

Each sector is subdivided into patrol districts with one or more uniformed officers assigned to a district per shift.

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Chesapeake Sector 201Chesapeake Sector 202Chesapeake Sector 204Chesapeake Sector 204Chesapeake Sector 203Chesapeake Sector 205Chesapeake Sector 206Chesapeake Sector 208Chesapeake Sector 207Chesapeake Sector 207Wythe Sector 101Wythe Sector 102Wythe Sector 103Wythe Sector 104Wythe Sector 105Wythe Sector 107Wythe Sector 107Wythe Sector 106Wythe Sector 106Wythe Sector 108Wythe Sector 108

Chesapeake Sector 205

  • North - Andrews Boulevard from Grimes Road to Nickerson Boulevard; Nickerson Boulevard from Andrews Boulevard to Buckroe Avenue; Buckroe Avenue from Nickerson Boulevard to 6th Street; 6th Street to the Salt Ponds and the Salt Ponds to the Bay
  • East - The Chesapeake Bay
  • South - Mill Creek
  • West - Virginia Avenue from Mill Creek to Mallory Street; Mallory Street from Virginia Avenue to Sherwood Avenue; Sherwood Avenue from Mallory Street to Old Buckroe Road; Old Buckroe Road from Sherwood Avenue to Shelton Road; Shelton Road from Old Buckroe Road to Grimes Road; and Grimes Road from Shelton Road to Andrews Boulevard