Meeting Rooms in General

General Meeting Room

The Hampton Public Library is a public institution whose facilities are available to all on an equal basis. Meeting rooms are available free of charge for informational meetings and programs conducted on a nonprofit basis by organizations, government agencies and local businesses.


  • All programs must be free and open to the public, with the exception of internal training sessions or executive or closed meetings covered by the Virginia (VA) Freedom of Information Act (VA Code Chapter 37).
  • Programs must not be product-driven, even if free and open to the public.
  • Tuition for educational courses and fees for materials may be charged by state-accredited institutions or other non-profit agencies.
  • Use of meeting rooms must not interfere with, impede or disrupt the public's normal use of the library.
  • Use of the meeting rooms by a group does not constitute the library's endorsement of a group's policies or beliefs.
  • Final authorization for use of meeting rooms is the responsibility of the library director.
  • Library-sponsored programs have priority for meeting room use.
  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted.
  • Activities may not exceed the eating or design capacities of the building.
  • All serving ware and food must be removed from the room by the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Groups showing videos should be aware of the provisions of the copyright laws and should display only videos that include public performance rights.
  • Groups are responsible for publicizing their own activities; however, any advertising must take place away from library property. Posting signs, fliers or posters in the lobby area is prohibited.
  • Groups are prohibited from soliciting, petitioning or fundraising.

For More Information

Find out more about individual libraries' meeting rooms by accessing their contact information, location, and directions. Meeting rooms at the Main Library are more heavily used than those at the branches. View how the scheduling policy is slightly different.