Main Library Study Rooms

Policy & Sign-Up Procedures

Purpose of Study Rooms

Study rooms are meant to provide a quiet area for individuals and small groups to study and meet. Unlike the meeting rooms, which can be booked a year in advance and require that a form be filled out, the booking process for the two study rooms is short and informal to provide quicker access.

How to Reserve

You can reserve them in person at the Reference Desk or by telephone at (757) 727-1312. Because of public demand, we cannot guarantee a specific room.

How Far in Advance

We take reservations up to 14 days in advance. Example: If the current date is June 23, a room can be booked from June 23 to July 7.

Length of Reservation

Rooms may be reserved for up to two hours. Reservations longer than two hours must be approved by the branch manager or library director. Only one reservation is allowed per day per person or group. Individuals within a group may not extend the time by booking separate reservations under their names.

Tutors: If you are tutoring several students separately, make reservations under each student's name.

Maximum Number of People

The maximum number of people is eight. There is space for eight chairs only around the table in each room.

Room Set Up

Each room is small with a glass front. It includes one long table with eight chairs. There is also a whiteboard mounted on the wall. An eraser and whiteboard markers are available at the reference desk.

Reserving Both Rooms

Reservations of both rooms at the same time must be done through the branch manager or library director.