Alternatives to Money

Suggested Alternatives to Requesting Grant Money

Non-profit organizations traditionally have small budgets. Think about how much better off yours would be if you could get what it needs without having to buy it! Here are some suggested items for which you can ask in a grant proposal.

  • Full-time staff
  • Regular part-time expertise in accounting, data processing, management or program development
  • The use of facilities such as rooms, vehicles, computer time, AV equipment
  • Corporate help setting up a volunteer program
  • Services:
    • Medical care
    • Printing
    • Advertising
    • Graphics
    • Research
    • Legal consulting
    • Landscaping
    • Web page design
  • Corporate permission for an Employer/Employee gift match
  • Price breaks for free, at-cost, discounted, and buy-some-get-some-free items:
    • Inventory
    • Client materials
    • Building materials
    • Raffle merchandise
    • Furniture
    • Office supplies

Note: Generally, it's a good idea to make the organization's money stretch as far as possible. There's always something else to spend it on!