Wireless Web Access

Connect With Your Laptop

Are you in a hurry to do some research? Are you visiting Hampton on your boat? If your laptop is compatible, you can bring it to the library and connect to the Internet without waiting for one of our computers to be available.

Just Turn It On

A connection to our wireless network is available on both floors of the Main Library and at all branches. There should be no configuration necessary, and most laptops are compatible. You should be able to simply turn it on once you are in the building, and have it locate the network by itself. If you should happen to need it, the SSID (Service Set Identifier, or network ID) is Library. Log on as "guest" on the Linksys page. No password is needed.

Library staff are not authorized to help you configure your computer, since each one is different. Your best source of configuration information is the manufacturer. We cannot be responsible for any changes you may make to your computer's settings.

Wireless printing is not available, but you can email information to yourself. Then reserve one of the library's computers and print from there.

Please Be Careful

Your information is not protected while using a wireless connection, unless you are connected to a web page that uses encryption (stores, banks, etc.) Keep this in mind if you are accessing sensitive business or personal information. See Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi Networks for detailed suggestions.

Remember that our Acceptable Use Policy is still in effect even if you use your own laptop.