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Reference Department

Looking for answers? Perhaps some of these resources can help.

The Reference Department, 727-1312, is probably the best place to start. This section of the Main Library has something for every interest.

  • Almost 500 magazines and newspapers, covering news, general sciences, popular interests - including computers and the Internet - and a selection of academic & professional journals
  • General and specialized encyclopedias, book review indexes, Bible commentaries, census summaries, almanacs, the Virginia code, English & foreign language dictionaries, car repair guides, gardening & cooking references, business books, résumé guides, art & music indexes, poetry & plays, literature criticism & anthologies, maps & atlases, biographical information, & historical references
  • Regular fiction, mysteries, science fiction & fantasy, romance, westerns, & short stories

And there's more, both online and off.


  • Learn the Dewey Decimal System
  • Special Collections
    • Grants Resources
    • Inter-Library Loan
    • Local Government Documents
    • Virginiana
    • Historic photographs (Cheyne Collection)
  • WestLaw- A comprehensive online legal research database is available to the public. It offers fast and easy access to state and federal statute and case law, legal encyclopedias, law reviews, citation research, and much more. WestLaw is available at the Main Library.