Gas Water Heaters / Plumbing / Sewers

The following pricing highlights standard permits; each case may vary depending on circumstances of the project. Also consider, there are exceptions to the above pricing. 

Also a technology fee of $10.00 and 2% for the State Levy will be applied to all permits. For more information, Please call 728-2444. 

Plumbing Fees

  • Minimum Permit Fee $50
  • Re-Inspection Fee, each $50

Basic Permit Fee

  • Fixtures, appliances and appurtenances, each $9
  • Water distribution system, each (includes water service on new construction) $9
  • Water service pipe, each $9
  • Building drain connection (Laterals), each $9
  • Water mains, each $9

Site Plumbing Only Permit Fee

Sewers (storm and sanitary), manholes, area drains or devices

  • Each $15

Individual Sewage Disposal System Permit Fee

  • New, each $50
  • Repair, each $50

Individual Potable Water Supply System Permit Fee

  • Each $30