Programs for Neighborhoods and Neighborhood Leaders

Funding/Grant Programs

  • The Places and Spaces Grant, funded by the Neighborhood Development Fund, offers funding for projects that involve physical improvements to public property. Read the grant policies and download an application. See what projects have received money.
  • The Neighborhood Development Fund offers funds for short-term collaborative projects that are social in nature. Read the policy and download and application.

Become a Registered Neighborhood Organization

Becoming a Registered Neighborhood Organization constitutes a pledge to participate and be a partner in the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative. It also provides your neighborhood with some benefits. Only Registered Neighborhood Organizations are eligible to apply for Neighborhood Grants. Apply here.

Learn more about your city

Register for Hampton 101 for an overview of city functions, or one of the specialized academies to learn more about a department.

Special Events/Parades Permits

If your neighborhood is planning an outdoor public event on public property, you must get a special events permit.

Planning for areas of the city

  • Find out how the city’s community planning can create opportunities for your neighborhood.
  • Some areas of the city also have Master Plans for development.
  • Explore the various plans that have been made for the neighborhoods in Hampton.