Cigarette Stamps Tax

Cigarette Tax

The City of Hampton, VA imposes a tax upon each and every sale of cigarettes that occurs within the City. The tax is imposed at a rate of $0.85 per pack.

The tax must be paid by sellers through the purchase of stamps from the commissioner of the revenue. The stamps must be purchased and affixed to each individual pack of cigarettes prior to offering any such pack for sale in the City.

The stamps may be purchased in person at our Business License counter during office hours. The stamps may also be requested and sent to you through the mail. Dealers are permitted to take a 5% discount from the face value of the stamp to compensate them for costs incurred in affixing the stamps. Postage and handling charges will be applied to any orders filled through the mail.

For additional information for postage and handling charges or any other questions related to cigarette stamps, please contact the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue at (757) 727-6700 or email the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.