SquirrelGray Squirrel (Sciurus Carolinensis)


  • Description: Bushy tail, grayish to yellowish color
  • Habitat: Forests, city parks and backyards
  • Diet: Primarily herbivores but does eat insects, eggs and young birds
  • Activity: Diurnal; two main feeding periods: early morning and late afternoon
  • Breeding Season: December through February and May through June
  • Breeding: 1 to 2 litters per year; 2 to 3 young per litter
  • Independence: 2 months
  • Lifespan: 6 years

Common Issues

Squirrels Raid Birdfeeders

There are special feeders that will are made to deter nuisance species. Do not place birdfeeders on trees, porches or places squirrels can easily climb to. Use birdfeeder poles and install at least 2.5-foot long plastic pipe that is open in the bottom and closed at the top. You can also grease the pole. If squirrels are chewing the bird feeders switch from a plastic feeder to a metal feeder.

Squirrels Digging Up My yard

Squirrels bury food throughout the year to feed on during the winter. They use sense of smell. During the spring, bulbs are a tasty treat. When planting or after planting, place moth balls (if plants are not used for human consumption) or cayenne or chili powder (if plants are going to be used for food). You can also create a basket made out of chicken or rat wire on all sides as well as the top and bottom. The plant will grow through the wire.

Squirrels Chewing Up Bird Boxes

Squirrels will chew the hold of a bird box to make it bigger so they can use it. Place a metal barrier around the hole with nails. Do not use plastic as squirrels can still chew through that.

For More Information

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