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Community Corrections Center
Hampton Community Corrections Center Description of Facility
The Hampton Community Corrections Center is a state-of-the-art facility, putting a new and innovative face on the way corrections work is accomplished. While some areas of the 55,000-square foot former warehouse are similar to other correctional facilities, ten inmate living spaces are of an original mall design allowing one deputy to have a clear and unobstructed view of three or four dormitories. The surveillance is supplemented by video cameras.

Minimum Security Design
The Hampton Community Corrections Center, designed to house minimum security risk inmates with relatively short-term sentences, boasts a capacity of 308, has a four-bed clinic and onsite dental capabilities, three classrooms, a multi-purpose room and a kitchen and laundry space large enough to service the Hampton Correctional Facility and the Hampton Community Corrections Center.

Philosophy Behind the Facility
The philosophy of this facility focuses on offering aggressive rehabilitative programs to the Hampton Correctional Facilities population, thereby assisting them in successfully transitioning back into the community. The Hampton sheriff’s office is hopeful that the types of programs offered will have a three prong effect. Not only is the department looking to provide inmates with the necessary coping skills required to be successful employees, but successful husbands, fathers and good citizens.

It is the department’s belief that this approach will cut down on the number of repeat offenders, thus reducing the amount of crimes committed in the local community, as well as reducing the cost of feeding, clothing and housing inmates.

For More Information
For more information on the Hampton Community Corrections Center, start by calling (757) 727-6760.