Citizens' Unity Commission Department

The Citizens' Unity Commission Department promotes and sponsors activities and events that bring diverse citizens together. Diversity education is available for all individuals, businesses, schools, etc. dealing with community and workplace. 

We support two citizen commissions:

See the combined calendar below for commission meetings, as well as diversity training and events. See the commission tab below for agendas, minutes and membership.
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Hampton Diversity College

The college provides diversity education that concentrates on diversity in contemporary workplaces and in our community. Class sessions include diversity 101, mixing and managing four generations, navigating gender issues and disability awareness. ....Learn More

Unity Awards

The Unity Awards was established in 2000 to recognize the contributions of individuals, organizations and initiatives that have made a positive impact supporting the importance of diversity in the city of Hampton.
....Learn More


Enjoy this interview with the Citizens’ Unity Commission Executive Director, Synetheia N. Newby, as she shares about the two, citizen-based commissions and how they are working together to ensure that our diversity doesn’t divide us, rather it unites us as a community.