Community Relations

  1. A Safer Hampton Roads

    As part of “A Safer Hampton Roads,” these residents - who might have difficulty interacting or communicating with police - can have information on file that includes their name, emergency contact, specific disorder, medication and more.

  2. Citizen Shoplifting

    Get involved protecting local businesses by helping prevent shoplifting.

  3. Courtesy Security Awareness

    Be prepared to correct potentially hazardous conditions before a crime is committed.

  4. Crime Line

    Learn more about the Crime Line anonymous tip program.

  5. Crime Prevention Informational Fliers

    Discover ways to stop crime before it starts.

  6. Neighborhood Watch

  7. Public Safety Task Force

    Access information about measures to correct public safety issues.

  8. Security Surveys

    Help the Police Department keep you safe by proactively requesting a security survey.

  9. Site Plan Review Committee

    Find out how the Police Department is involved in planning future building safety.

  10. What to do if stopped by police

    Learn what to do if stopped by the police.