Environmental Services

Information on the Zika virus
Hampton's Environmental Services Division is dedicated to helping citizens enjoy the outdoors in safe and environmentally-friendly surroundings. The Division is divided into five categories: Pest Control Operations, Stormwater Management Facility Inspections, Illicit Discharge Screening, NewMarket Creek Inspections and Stormwater Emergency Response.

Need help?
Contact the Customer Call Center at 311 (727-8311 from a cell phone). Or, use the Request a Service form to:
  • Request an adult mosquito survey
  • Request a larvae survey.
  • Request a truck to spray for adult mosquitos in a section of the city (all area spraying by trucks is based on adult mosquito CDC light trap counts).
  1. Top News
  1. Mosquito spraying: trucks will be in the Saunders, Semple Farm Road areas, Phoebus, Buckroe areas

    June 9, 2016 - Environmental Services will use trucks to spray for mosquitoes this evening in the Saunders and Semple Farm roads areas and Phoebus and Buckroe areas. Residents can call 311 (727-8311 from a cell phone) to request that an area be sprayed. More information
  2. Truck-mounted mosquito spraying in Elizabeth Lakes, Riverdale, Deerfield Blvd.,Gilbert St.

    June 15, 2016 - Environmental Services will conduct truck-mounted spraying for mosquitoes this evening in the Elizabeth Lakes and Riverdale communities, north and south Deerfield Boulevard, north and south Gilbert Street and the North Wythe area.
  3. Truck-mounted spraying for mosquitoes continues in Todd's Lane, Briarfield Road residential areas

    June 14, 2016 - The Environmental Services Division of Public Works will conduct truck-mounted spraying for mosquitoes this evening in residential areas between Todd’s Lane and Briarfield Road west of Power Plant Parkway.