Police Open Data Project

  1. White House Open Data Initiative

    Learn more about the White House Open Government Directive that requires federal agencies to take immediate steps to achieve key milestones in transparency, participation, and collaboration.

  2. Assault on Police Officer Stats

    Summary of assault on Police Officer complaints since 2012

  3. Quarterly Incidents Report - Listing

    Listing of total incidents reported to Police for the quarter. *Numbers are subject to change based on the investigative status of each case.

  4. Weekly Offense Report

    A year to date comparison of select offenses and activity updated on a weekly basis.

  5. Officer Involved Shooting Report

    This dataset contains information about police officer involved shootings that have occurred in the City of Hampton beginning in 2010.

  6. Quarterly High Accident Locations

    Quarterly comparison of activity at intersections identified as high accident locations.

  7. Employee Retention Stats

    Employee retention data from 2000 - present.

  8. CrimeReports.com

    Provided by CrimeReports.com - *Data captured in this report is accurate at the time of processing. Reports may be later changed, downgraded, or unfounded through the course of an investigation.*

  9. Police Staffing Report

  10. Community Police Event Calendar

    A calendar of police-sponsored events, community events with police participation, and community meetings.