Voter Registrar's Office

Who is my congressman? Where do I go to vote? How can I become an election official?

Those questions and more can be answered by Hampton's Voter Registrar's Office and the 
Department of Elections.

You can also use Hampton's GIS search to find out what precinct and districts you are in.
  1. Register to vote or update address online

    July 12, 2016 - You can register as a first-time voter or change your registration from another state; update your address; or check your registration and precinct information online; or request an absentee ballot online. Read on...
  2. Free Voter ID card available at Registrar's office

    Anyone who wants to vote in Virginia must have to have a valid photo identification card. Any Hampton resident who doesn’t have a valid ID can get one for free at the Voter Registrar’s office. Read on...

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Hampton's Electoral Board

Every city and county in Virginia has a three-member electoral board whose duties include: appointing the general registrar, training the officers of election, preparing ballots, conducting the election and certifying election results. Hampton's electoral board:
  • Matthew W. Scott, Chair
  • William E. Lewis, Vice-chair
  • Margaret Wilson, Secretary