Join Our Festival with Your Country!

As the technology of the new millennium brings the world closer together, it becomes increasingly important for us to have some knowledge and understanding of people and cultures other than our own. This is especially true of our children who will truly live and work in a global community.

The International Children's Festival provides a unique opportunity for children and their families to experience the sights, sounds, and cuisine of distant places right in their own backyard. The committee is made up of country representatives and they are constantly looking for new members. If you have the time and would like to share your culture with others give us a call at 727-8311 and we would love to meet with you and discuss the festival in detail. Below please find some general guidelines for all our country representatives.

Each country’s display should include:

  • Educational Display including most if not all of the items on the SOL list. Other items may include costumes, fabric, jewelry, art, artifacts, photographs, crafts, interactive activities and anything else that would introduce a child to your culture.
  • Entertainment is encouraged, but is optional.
  • Provide 1-3 persons, adults and/or children in native dress for the Parade of Nations, which is 10-15 minutes.
  • If possible please provide some form of authentic entertainment on the stage or strolling through the park.
  • Food is encouraged, but is optional.
  • You may bring in a food vendor, restaurant or other organization to sell your native foods.

Hampton Parks & Recreation Provides:

  • One tent preferably 10’x10’ or 15’ x 15’
  • Two tables and two chairs
  • Two table coverings and two table skirts
  • All of the above are at no cost to participating countries for their Educational Display.
  • Additional tables/chairs table coverings and skirts are the responsibility of any country that may need these.
    • Tents/tables/chairs for food supporting a given country are the sole responsibility of the persons/vendor providing the food.
    • All countries must indicate need for electricity in advance and provide their own extension cords.

Unloading of display equipment/supplies must be accomplished by:

  • Pull your vehicle into the turn around next to the park
  • Unload your car with the assistance of volunteers
  • Move your car to your parking place while volunteers are moving your items to your assigned space
    • Everyone must be set up and ready to go at 9:30 a.m.
    • The event is rain or shine.
    • ICF polo shirts are given to the chair and co-chair of first year countries
    • Attendance at meetings, especially the kickoff meeting, is strongly encouraged
    • Punctual submission of forms, fees and the like is necessary to assure that all details are completed prior to the event.