Fort Monroe

  1. Casemate Museum

    The Casemate Museum opened on June 1, 1951, to display the cell where Jefferson Davis was imprisoned after the Civil War. Since then, the museum has expanded to depict the history of Old Point Comfort, Fort Monroe, and the U.S. Army Coast Artillery Corps.

  2. The Chamberlin

    The historic and storied Chamberlin Hotel has been reborn with magnificent Senior Living Apartments and now offers Residency , two Waterfront Restaurants and venue space perfect for Weddings and Special Events. Hampton Roads’ most historic and treasured Senior Living Apartment Community is professionally managed by Harmony Senior Services and is proud to be located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay at the crown jewel of Fort Monroe.

  3. Events

    From a summer concert series featuring area military bands to lectures from noted historians, there are many ways to enjoy Fort Monroe.

  4. Fort Monroe Authority

    Fort Monroe Authority Act. Establishes the Fort Monroe Authority as a public body corporate and as a political subdivision of the Commonwealth to be governed by a 12-member Board of Trustees. The Authority oversees the preservation, conservation, protection and maintenance of the Commonwealth's real property interests at Fort Monroe and the renewal of Fort Monroe as a vibrant and thriving community.

  5. History

    Hampton’s national monument, Fort Monroe, plays a large part in Hampton’s history. In 1607, the English explorer Captain John Smith came ashore near Fort Monroe. In 1609, colonial settlers built a wooden structure large enough to hold 50 men and seven mounted cannons, and called it Fort Algernourne. In 1619, it would serve as a landing place in the New World for Africans brought in as slaves

  6. National Monument

    Fort Monroe National Monument spans the American story from the 17th to the 21st centuries: Captain John Smith's journeys, a haven of freedom for the enslaved during the Civil War, and a bastion of defense for the Chesapeake Bay.

  7. Outdoor Activities

    Fort Monroe is home to a multitude of outdoor activities. On this 565-acre property you’ll find beautiful nature trails, paths for walking, jogging and biking, miles of beaches and of course spectacular views of the Chesapeake Bay.

  8. Fort Monroe Biking Scavenger Hunt

    Fort Monroe Community Center hosts a picture biking scavenger hunt. Come get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors and see the historical and scenic views.