Regional Boards with Hampton Appointees

  1. Community Criminal Justice Board

    The Community Criminal Justice Board is the advisory board for the development / expansion and operation of local pretrial services and community-based probation programs for Hampton and Newport News.

  2. Community Services Board

    Provides behavioral health care and services for individuals and families affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities in Hampton and Newport News.

  3. Fort Monroe Authority

    Oversees the preservation, conservation, protection, and maintenance of the Commonwealth's real property interests at Fort Monroe and the renewal of Fort Monroe as a vibrant and thriving community.

  4. Hampton Re-Entry Council

    The Hampton Re-Entry Council assists Adult and Juvenile returning citizens with resources to educate and/or provide assistance to overcoming reentry obstacles.

  5. Office of Human Affairs

    Serves Newport News and Hampton, by offering solutions and strategies that help low-income families and the working poor overcome their short- and long-term economic setbacks while becoming more self-sufficient.

  6. Medical College of Hampton Roads (EVMS)

    Eastern Virginia Medical School Board is focused preparing the next generation of health-care providers, and better health care for the people of Hampton Roads.

  7. Peninsula Agency on Aging

    Supports the independence and quality of life of Peninsula residents primarily 60 years and over by advocating, arranging, or providing vital human services.

  8. Peninsula Airport Commission

    Responsible for the operation of Newport News/Williamsburg Airport and the development of the airport's business / industrial park owned by Peninsula Airport Commission on lands surrounding the airport.

  9. Sister Cities

    A tax-exempt corporation working in partnership with the City of Hampton to improve understanding and promote friendship between citizens and students of Hampton and the citizens and students of Hampton’s sister cities through exchanges, communications and personal interactions.

  10. Thomas Nelson Community College Board

    Makes decisions relative to the overall operation of Thomas Nelson Community College; serves as a liaison between the college president, community, and the Virginia State Board for Community Colleges; and advocates within the local and state communities to secure support and resources for TNCC.

  11. Transportation District Comm. of Hampton Rds.

    The governing body for Hampton Roads Transit, the region's public transportation system.

  12. Virginia Air & Space Center Board

    Sets policy and serves as the governing body of the Virginia Air and Space Center.

  13. Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program

    Oversees the Peninsula Alcohol Safety Action Program, which provides probationary, case management, monitoring, education and treatment referral services to persons convicted of DUI or reckless driving for the seven jurisdictions which it serves.

  14. Virginia Peninsula Public Service Authority

    The Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority (VPPSA) is a regional governmental organization providing solid waste management services to ten cities and counties in southeast Virginia.