Water Quality

  1. Pets for a Cleaner & Greener Hampton!

    Help keep Hampton clean and beautiful by picking up pet waste!

  2. Rain Barrel Workshops

    Check out information on rain barrel workshops.

  3. Stormwater Solutions

    Read these Fact Sheets to learn more about stormwater solutions and how you can help save our waterways.

  4. Bay Star Homes

    Clean Waterways Begin at Home! Small steps add up and start in the home. By making a few small adjustments to our daily habits in the home, the yard and our community, we can work toward cleaner waterways and a healthier, natural environment. Sign up now!

  5. Pet Waste Station Grants

    For a limited time, askHRgreen.org is offering free pet waste stations through a new grant program. If your Hampton Roads neighborhood/HOA/community association is ready to make scooping the poop a priority, then you’re invited to apply. Pet waste stations encourage residents to pick up after their pets by making it easy and convenient to do so. They are also one small thing a community can do to help keep our local waterways clean.