Mentor Protégé Program

Minority and Woman-Owned Business Program Mentor Protégé Program


The mentor protégé program provides hands-on managerial and technical training for certified minority and woman-owned businesses (M/WBE) matching representatives from more established larger ‘mentor’ companies with less experienced ‘protégé’ M/WBE businesses.

The program concentrates on developing the financial, managerial and skill level of the protégé designed to transition the firm so that they can successfully compete and participate in the City’s bid and construction process.


The mentor-protégé program is administered by the City of Hampton’s Minority Business Program Office, which is located in the Economic Development Department.


Firms eligible to participate must be certified by the Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE), included in the City of Hampton vendor listing, licensed business for at least five years and have a business location within the City of Hampton.


Mentor businesses are prime contractors that participate or have participated in City contracts. Protégé businesses are certified M/WBE firms that wish to increase work capacity, enhance their skills, and move from subcontractor to prime contractor status. All participates are screened to determine which mentor and protégé would best suit each others needs and both sign an agreement indicating the scope of work and responsibilities.

Each mentor-protégé pair meets on a regular basis from one year or more depending upon their commitment. Program participants submit a quarterly report to the Minority Business Program office to gauge progress and effectiveness of the program.


The mentor-protégé program was developed as one method to train, develop and support M/WBE firms within the City.

The mentor-protégé program was one recommendation within the Minority and Woman Owned Business Program Plan approved by Hampton City Council in April 2009.


The Minority Business Program office at 757-727-6237 if interested.


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