Goals & Objectives

Mission Statement

The Purchasing and Procurement Oversight Committee (PPOC) of the City of Hampton Virginia shall act as an advisory committee working with city staff to ensure that the city's procurement process encourages and provides opportunities for participation by a more diverse group of vendors and contractors. The PPOC shall make a specific effort to increase the opportunities for women and minority enterprises to participate in the procurement of commodities, construction and services by the City of Hampton and its affiliated agencies / organizations. For more information about this board, contact Karl Daughtrey, Director of Finance, at (757) 727-6230.

Goals & Objectives


We seek to ensure completion of the Disparity Study to determine if a disparity exists between the availability and utilization of women and minority enterprises by the city and its agencies. We will also encourage the implementation of recommendations derived from the study to increase the utilization ratio to a level that is at least comparable to availability.

Performance Indicators: The study shall be completed and an implementation plan shall be developed for implementing the recommendations to achieve comparable utilization and availability ratios.


We will review the city's Procurement Ordinance and Procedures and make recommendations that encourage and enhance the participation of women and minority enterprises such as:
  • Increasing the contractor's bonding threshold to reflect the limits set by the Virginia Purchasing and Procurement Act (VPPA).
  • Suggesting language revisions in contracts, when appropriate, recommending 10% minority subcontractor utilization.
  • Developing enforceable procedures for monitoring the level of participation of women and minority contractors as subcontractors on city projects.
Performance Indicators: The city implements the recommended changes and expects an increase up to 5% of the number of women and minority enterprises that actually submit bids and/or proposals on city solicitations.


We seek to increase city procurement personnel's awareness of women and minority enterprises availability as follows:
  • Produce periodical update of the city's handbook of minority vendors.
  • Encourage the city's Procurement Division to seek and register more women and minority vendors.
  • Encourage the city manager to include in each department heads’ performance evaluation criteria, an objective related to increasing the utilization of women and minority vendors in the procurement of commodities, construction and services.
  • Encourage the city to conduct seminars and include a session that specifically assists and instructs women and minority businesses in soliciting city procurement business.
  • Continue the PPOC Departmental Recognition Program for exemplary support of women and minority vendor by a city department, school or affiliated agency.
  • Move toward developing a policy recommendation for City Council to adopt an ongoing publicized women and minority procurement annual goal, competitive with other cites, that will provide an additional "best-in class" stimulus to attract tourism and/or external events to the newly developed Hampton convention center. This policy would be one of the core values for the City of Hampton.
Performance Indicators: Participate in / conduct at least two seminars per year. Increase the registration of women and minority vendors by 10%. Maintain an accurate and up to date vendor listing. Achieve greater participation by departments, schools or affiliated agencies competing for the PPOC Award.