Excise Taxes

  1. Admissions Tax

    Learn about the business admissions taxes and where to send returns and remittances.

  2. Bank Franchise Tax

    Look through bank franchise tax information.

  3. Cigarette Stamps Tax

    Fond out about the tax associated with the sale of cigarettes.

  4. Electric Utility Consumption Tax

    Discover the tax rate associated with the use of electricity consumption.

  5. Electric Utility Tax

    Find the tax rates for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

  6. Food & Beverage Tax

    Browse through a list of food establishments where the food and beverage tax are applied.

  7. Lodging Tax

    Stay up to date with the applied logging tax in Hampton, Virginia.

  8. Natural Gas Consumption Tax

    Seek information regrading the taxes on natural gas consumption.

  9. Natural Gas Utility Tax

    Access the natural gas utility tax breakdown for residential and commercial, industrial and other properties.

  10. Retail Sales Tax

    The retail sales and use tax is a tax charged and collected by certain businesses on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  11. Right of Way Use Fee

    The City of Hampton, Virginia, imposes a monthly right of way use fee on each local telephone access line in the City.

  12. Short Term Rental Tax

    The City of Hampton, Virginia, imposes a tax on the rental of daily rental property in the amount of 1% on the gross proceeds of such business.